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Pura Eleganza by Giuseppe Cucine

Elegant and affordable Kitchen Cabinet line by Giuseppe Cucine

We want Italian design kitchens, inspirations, philosophy and finest European craftsmanship to be in every house. We found the way to make it affordable without sacrificing quality and now we will help you achieve your dream kitchen.

Your savings come from you becoming your own designer and helping us save on overhead expanses. You design, we manufacture and deliver; you install.

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Under products category you will find cabinetry options. Select all cabinets you want specifying box and door finishes based on desired box configuration and add it to quote form. Do not forget to add needed toe kicks, fillers and side panels. Use comments field to add any additionally required information.

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Some of our Products

Inspiring examples of products used throughout the kitchen

Sink Drawer Cabinet

Everything is easily accessible.

The sink drawer is used at least 30 times a day on average. Therefore it is very important to find a solution which offers sufficient storage space for, and direct access to, all storage items required in the sink area.

This cabinet excels in terms of optimal space utilization, functional organization and enhanced user convenience.

Corner Drawer Cabinet

Even the back corners can be used with a corner cabinet.

The corner cabinet gives you full extension in corners. It provides ergonomic access and allows you to instantly see when food needs replacing.

Fits perfectly into any kitchen. This corner cabinet can be implemented in different widths, entirely according to your wishes.

Wall Cabinet with Lift System

Comfort of motion and freedom of design.

The wall cabinet with AVENTOS HF lift system is the ideal place to store glasses and tableware. With the bi-fold lift system, the two-piece front folds up and out of the way.

Fronts glide up, hold in any position and close softly, bringing enhanced user convenience and comfort of motion to kitchens.

Tall Pantry Cabinets

The pantry is easy to use and offers plenty of space.

The interior roll-outs can be opened individually and are accessible from the front and sides. These interior roll-outs come in various widths and even depths.

They can be adapted to your personal requirements, depending on how much storage space you need.

Cabinet for kitchen utensils

The table is set within seconds.

Things which are often used together should also be kept together. This cabinet has enough space for flatware, odds and ends, plates and plastic containers.

When items used for setting the table are stored together, it makes emptying the dishwasher much faster and more convenient.

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