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Linea di eleganza by Giuseppe Cucine

Elegant and affordable Kitchen Cabinet line by Giuseppe Cucine

We want Italian design kitchens, inspirations, philosophy and finest European craftsmanship to be in every house. We found the way to make it affordable without sacrificing quality and now we will help you achieve your dream kitchen.

Your savings come from you becoming your own designer and helping us save on overhead expanses. You design, we manufacture and deliver; you install.

How to get a quote

Under products category you will find cabinetry options. Select all cabinets you want specifying box and door finishes based on desired box configuration and add it to quote form. Do not forget to add needed toe kicks, fillers and side panels. Use comments field to add any additionally required information.



We strive to provide the best quality on the market, affordability, sophistication, reasonable lead times, technical and design solutions. Live Kitchens, cabinetry and many other exclusive interior design solutions can be seen at our showroom.
We LOVE designing fun and functional kitchens. If you are looking for a team that can handle out of ordinary design concepts you have come to the right place!

Address: 7200 E. Hampden Ave. Denver Colorado 80224
Phone: 303-745-2402

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