Acrylic (Gloss) Finish

Acrylic Laminates offer an affordable, contemporary style in today's most popular colors with a high-gloss finish. They feature a color-matched PMMA (acrylic) top layer that enhances color vibrancy and is fabricated using zero joint edge-banding technology for a seamless finish. Cubanite, Gabbiano, and Bigio have a subtle metallic flake look which helps reflect light and create a beautiful shine.
All colors feature a gloss finish with a matching edge banding. Also available are a Satin Aluminum-look edge, Brushed Aluminum-look edge, and a 3d edge. All are perfect for full access cabinets with a contemporary or modern look. Choose one of the available edges and get exactly the look you want.
Cabinets: Bianco on Acrylic
Cabinets: Bigio on Acrylic