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Design is a process and good results will not happen overnight, so please be patient and give us time to create a masterpiece for you.


We are a design studio based in Denver Colorado. We use semi-custom line by ECLIPSE cabinetry for cost effective projects that need to be manufactured within 5-6 weeks. Broad range of amazing finishes, huge selection of configurations and state of art equipment allows to produce stunning results.


To learn what is possible and how different Eclipse cabinetry is from other manufacturers please visit our showroom.

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7200 E. Hampden Ave. Denver CO 80224

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Little about the factory - Eclipse Cabinetry is built by W. W. Wood Products Inc, a family-owned company since its beginning in 1977. The company is located in Dudley, Missouri, a rural town of under 300. Dudley is 2 1/2 hours south of St. Louis, Missouri, in the southeast corner of the state.

Eclipse Cabinetry is built with a unique, full-access frameless construction inspired by European cabinetry. Eclipse can help you obtain the sleek and modern interior or traditional look you've always dreamed of. With full-access construction, you gain up to 10% more interior space than framed cabinets. Our facilities use the latest in equipment technology to produce precise cuts, improved durability and less waste. You can achieve the look you want with functional components, a complete offering of traditional or contemporary door styles and finishes, a full spectrum of custom options like several drawer box options, and artistic hand-detailed finished.

Eclipse offers an impressive array of traditional and contemporary styling options. Timeless solid hardwood, textured thermally-fused laminate, high-pressure laminate.