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We got tired of seeing the same tile backsplash in every house and decided to offer something unique, something that will signify you, our client. Our backsplash system is the most beautiful thing you will ever see in your kitchen. Better yet, it’s functional.

We offer 3 unique systems:

1 - LED backsplash panel available in custom colors or custom print. Available with accessory channels or without. Many accessories like hooks, holders, shelves and etc. to choose from.

2 - Panel Backsplash with Acrylic, Veneer, Laminate or Custom Painted/Printed Glass in many colors. Functionality comes from specially integrated channels that have a wide range of available accessories for hooks, holders, shelves and etc.

3 - The most spectacular patented Italian technology with glass or stone panel that slides down exposing backsplash storage system entirely along the wall.

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