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We have been specializing in Contemporary & Modern European interior design concepts sense 2003 and now it’s time to share our knowledge with companies that have the same vision.

Business Opportunities with Kitchens of Texas

Since 2003, Kitchens of Texas has been a leader in Contemporary and Modern European interior design concepts. We're now ready to share our expertise with companies that share our vision.

For Kitchen Designers

Are you considering launching your own kitchen design business but unsure where to start or lacking resources? Reach out to us! We offer a unique program for independent kitchen designers, providing access to our showroom, sharing our extensive knowledge, and ensuring production flexibility. We provide comprehensive training and support to ensure you start on a strong footing.

For Interior Designers and Architects

We provide specialized collaboration services for local designers. Utilize our facility for client meetings and benefit from special privileges and support we have established. Designers registered outside the state can access special pricing, exclusive interior design products, and bulk packages, which they can offer to their clients through a partnership with Kitchens of Texas.

For more details or to schedule a visit, contact us.

For Builders and Developers

We offer exclusive opportunities for builders and developers to integrate our high-quality cabinetry into your projects. Experience the pinnacle of European craftsmanship and enjoy significant discounts exclusive to our partners. Properties featuring our cabinetry attract more attention and desire due to their superior quality and design. We provide competitive pricing, making our premium cabinets a cost-effective choice for your projects.

For further information or to request a bid, please contact us.

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