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We care about design, functionality and quality of living. We offer 3 collections of modern kitchens, each one customizable to your desires and needs.


Avant-Garde Collection – These are mid to large size kitchens that incorporate most custom elements, the best finishes and top of the line functionality hardware. This kitchen is completely designed around you, your lifestyle and will showcase exclusivity.


Sensual collection – This collection incorporates some standard features and some custom elements, it’s tailored towards mid to large size houses with specialty hardware for a premium cooking experience .

Elegance collection – Perfectly suited for small and mid size houses as well as lofts and condominiums, this collection is designed with standard elements and a selection of the finest finishes for customization.

We use only the finest finishes and hardware imported from Germany, Austria and Italy.

Modern Kitchen design and installation can be stressful; at Baczewski Luxury, we take great care to make your kitchen design experience happy and installation perfect. We are here to build a relationship that will make you feel that you have a friend in the kitchen business.

Our designers take the finest quality, add their touch of unique design skills and deliver distinctive beauty that you will enjoy every day!

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